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Ebola rescue report incident cases chart

With former Ph.D. student, Gene Richardson, and a large interdisciplinary team from UCSF, Harvard, UCLA, and Georgia State, I have been working on the epidemiology and transmission dynamics of Ebola Virus Disease in the recent outbreaks in Sierra Leone and DRC. We were recently awarded a MIDAS grant to continue this work. More soon...

Representative Papers

Hazel, A., M. C. Davidson A. Rogers, M. B. Barrie, A. Freeman, M. Mbayoh, M. Kamara, S. Blumberg, T. M. Lietman, G. W. Rutherford, J. H. Jones, T. C. Porco, E. T. Richardson, J. D. Kelly. (2023) Social network analysis of Ebola virus disease during the 2014 outbreak in Sukudu, Sierra Leone, in press, Open Forum Infectious Diseases. (doi:10.1093/ofid/ofac593)

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