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Zack Almquist

Zack is a statistician and sociologist, currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Senior Data Science Fellow in the eScience Institute at the University of Washington. He is also a co-PI on our COVID-19 RAPID grant.

Michelle Kline

Michelle is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Brunel University.  She is a co-PI on our COVID-19 RAPID grant.

Cristina Moya

Cristina is an anthropologist and is currently a Lecturer in Psychology at Brunel University. Cristina is a co-PI on our COVID-19 RAPID grant.

John Openshaw

John is an infectious disease physician and an Instructor of Medicine (Infectious Disease) at Stanford Medical School. He co-teaches Earthsys/Humbio 114: Global Change and Emerging Infectious Disease with me.

Anne Pisor

Anne is an evolutionary anthropologist in the Department of Anthropology, Washington State University. We collaborate on a number of projects under the broad heading of adaptation, risk-management, and social networks. Among other things, I am a mentor for her ADVANCE Program Mentored Research Award.

Paul Smaldino

Paul is an interdisciplinary evolutionary behavioral scientist in the Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences at UC Merced. He is a co-PI on on our COVID-19 RAPID grant.