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Effective Climate-Change Adaptation Means Supporting Community Autonomy

Our paper on adaptation in subsistence populations recently came out in Nature Climate Change. We note, unsurprisingly, that humans, particularly those living in subsistence economies, have been adapting for a long time and that these very same people might be able to adapt to climate change on their own if they are provided sufficient freedom (and maybe a bit of support) to do so. Following our 2021 paper on adaptation, the rest of us might even learn something from the way that people in these populations adapt!


Pisor, A.C., X. Basurto, K.G. Douglass, K.J. Mach, E. Ready, J.M. Tylianakis, A. Hazel, M.A. Kline, K.L. Kramer, J.S. Lansing, M. Moritz, P.E. Smaldino, T.F. Thornton, and J.H. Jones. 2022. Effective climate change adaptation means supporting community autonomy. Nature Climate Change. 12: 213–215. (doi:10.1038/s41558-022-01303-x)